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Experience the Benefits of Holistic Massage

Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Holistic Massage?

Sessions Can Help With


Healing Massage can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. I work intuitively to help ease tension and promote a sense of calm empowerment.

Muscle Tension

My massage treatments help relieve muscle tension, tightness and soreness. I adapt each treatment to target specific areas of the body to help release tension and promote healing.

Immune System

Massages can boost your immune system and help increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

Women's Health

Sessions work especially well for women to balance hormones and promote self-confidence, inner calm and clarity. 


Massage can help improve sleep quality and promote relaxation. Regular sessions help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.

Mental Clarity

By reducing stress and giving ourselves time to relax, our minds are naturally able to process challenges and decisions with greater ease.


Massage sessions are designed to ease tension, improve wellbeing and promote relaxation.  Sessions available:

Back and Shoulders (45min) - £45

Legs and Feet (45min) - £45

Upper Body (60min) - £55

Full Body (90min) - £75

Massage appointments are available at the Rose and Crown Clinic, South Molton, Devon.  


01769 572608



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Rose and Crown Clinic, 6 South St, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4AA

Devon Healing and Massage

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