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From Elderflower Tree to Elderflower Tea

When we moved to our house on Exmoor, one of the main joys was the garden. Already established, it's been wonderful to see what emerges as we move through spring and into summer. Roses are blooming, the doorway is surrounded by colour and apples are starting to grow.

I was excited to see Elderflowers though! In love Elderflower cordial. I decided to start with making Elderflower tea though as it was quite a simple process and I needed to harvest some flowers before they died. I picked a few flower heads and spread them out on a tray to dry.

They took longer than i thought!

It feels so nice to create something from nature. So simple, just add the dried flowers to hot water and allow to infuse. You can add a slice of lemon or drizzle of honey for flavour.


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